Ultimate 2023 Fiend Embryo Type B BMX Review

Just as I was thinking about upgrading my ride, the 2023 Fiend Embryo Type B BMX rolled into my life. I’m here to give you an insider’s scoop on this two-wheeled beast.

Designed for those who crave freedom and speed, this bike offers a blend of comfort, durability and top-notch performance. Its unique features, including a lightweight body and sleek design, make it an appealing choice for riders of all levels.

So, let’s hop on this journey together as we delve into what the Fiend Embryo Type B BMX brings to the table. No frills, no fuss, just pure, unadulterated BMX goodness.

Key Takeaways

  • The 2023 Fiend Embryo Type B BMX is a versatile bike suitable for intermediate level riders.
  • The freecoaster version (Type B+) allows for smoother backward pedaling and is favored by riders who perform certain tricks and maneuvers.
  • The frame and forks are made of chromoly, ensuring durability and lightweight.
  • The bike features a sealed 9t freecoaster hub for reliable performance.

Fiend Embryo Type B Overview

Let’s kick off by addressing the design and aesthetic appeal of the Fiend Embryo Type B. This BMX boasts a unique splatter design on its frame, setting it apart from many other bikes on the market.

Available in a variety of colors, it offers riders the chance to express their style while enjoying a high-quality ride.

Design and Aesthetic Appeal

In my review of the Fiend Embryo Type B BMX, I’ve found four distinct color options that add to its unique aesthetic appeal.

  • Trans Black
  • Gloss Black Splatter
  • Gloss Trans Navy
  • Black Splatter

These color options not only reflect the rider’s personality, but also enhance the bike’s overall design.

The unique splatter design, in particular, gives this BMX a distinct, stand-out look that screams freedom and individuality.

Detailed Specs Breakdown

Now, let’s move on to a detailed breakdown of the specs of the 2023 Fiend Embryo Type B BMX.

We’ll focus on the frame measurements, a comprehensive list of components, as well as the range of colors and finishes available.

This will provide a clearer understanding of the physical attributes and aesthetic appeal of this model.

Frame Measurements

Diving into the specifics, I’ve got to say, the frame measurements of the Fiend Embryo Type B really stand out.

  • The frame:
  • Chromoly front end
  • Hi-ten steel rear end
  • Wheel size: 20 inches
  • Adjustable top tube length: 20.75 inches

These measurements provide the balance and freedom for any BMX rider seeking the thrill of the ride without compromising on performance.

Detailed Component List

While we’ve touched on the frame measurements, let’s take a closer look at the detailed component list to truly understand what this bike offers.

The Fiend Embryo Type B features a chromoly front end, hi-ten steel rear end, and a 20′ wheel size.

It’s equipped with a sealed 9t freecoaster hub, providing smooth performance.

Plus, its unique splatter design truly sets it apart.

Colors and Finishes

I’ve got to mention that the Fiend Embryo Type B BMX is available in a variety of striking colors, including Trans Black, Gloss Black Splatter, Gloss Trans Navy, and Black Splatter.

  • Colors:
  • Trans Black: A sleek, dark finish.
  • Gloss Black Splatter: Adds a unique, artistic flair.
  • Gloss Trans Navy: A classy, deep blue hue.
  • Finishes: Each color comes with a glossy finish, enhancing the bike’s overall look.
  • Maintenance: These finishes are durable but may require regular cleaning to keep them looking fresh.

Pricing Analysis

When evaluating the cost of the 2023 Fiend Embryo Type B BMX, it’s essential to consider its price point relative to its competitors. While it’s deemed a relatively expensive bike, the brand’s reputation and the use of some lower-end components from Mission contribute to the overall pricing structure.

In the next section, I’ll conduct an in-depth analysis of this pricing, comparing it with other bikes in the same category.

Cost Versus Competitors

In comparing the cost of the 2023 Fiend Embryo Type B BMX to its competitors, it’s clear that it falls on the pricier side of the spectrum.

  • Fiend Embryo Type B: $499.99
  • High-end components justify cost
  • Brand reputation adds value
  • Competitor 1: $399.99
  • Lower price due to cheaper parts
  • Competitor 2: $449.99
  • Slightly cheaper, but lower brand prestige

The higher price reflects Fiend’s commitment to quality and performance.

Quality Deep Dive

Let’s turn our attention to the quality aspects of the Fiend Embryo Type B BMX.

We’ll assess the durability of the frame, scrutinize the individual components, and examine the overall integrity of the build.

Our aim is to give you a comprehensive understanding of the bike’s sturdiness and performance.

Frame: Fiend Embryo Frame Durability

I’ve found that the chromoly front end of the Fiend Embryo Type B frame contributes significantly to its durability and lightweight construction.


  • Chromoly front end resists wear and tear
  • Hi-tensile steel rear end, though less durable, still holds up well

Lightweight Construction:

  • Chromoly keeps the frame light
  • Enables freer movement and tricks

Overall Quality:

  • Despite some lower-end components, the frame’s quality is satisfactory

Component Quality Assessment

Building on the frame’s durability and lightweight construction, let’s now delve into a deeper analysis of the Fiend Embryo Type B’s individual components and their quality.

The chromoly forks and sealed 9t freecoaster hub stand out for their smooth performance.

However, the single wall rims and hi-ten steel rear end are less durable.

Despite these lower-end parts, the overall quality remains satisfactory.

Overall Build Integrity

So, how does the Fiend Embryo Type B hold up when we really dig into the integrity of its build?

  • First, the chromoly frame and forks ensure durability and lightweight.
  • Second, it’s equipped with a sealed 9t freecoaster hub, further enhancing performance.
  • However, the use of hi-ten steel and single wall rims in parts suggests some compromise on quality.

Yet, overall, it’s a solid build.

Riding Experience

Let’s turn our attention to the riding experience of the 2023 Fiend Embryo Type B BMX, particularly for beginners.

This bike’s performance is crucial for new riders, as it can greatly influence their BMX journey. We’ll be evaluating how its features, such as the chromoly frame and freecoaster hub, impact the overall ride, and if it’s indeed a suitable choice for those starting out in the BMX world.

Performance for Beginners

As a beginner, I’ve found the Fiend Embryo Type B BMX isn’t just eye-catching, it’s also highly responsive and easy to handle.

  • Smooth handling:
  • Quick response to direction changes
  • Stable at high speeds
  • Lightweight design enhances control
  • Chromoly frame and forks:
  • Tailored for easy maneuverability
  • Balanced for beginners
  • Suitable gear ratio for learning
  • Stable, not overly sensitive braking system

Pros and Cons

Diving into the pros and cons, I’ll first highlight the positive aspects of the 2023 Fiend Embryo Type B BMX.

  • It’s graced with a Chromoly front end for lightweight durability.
  • It features a freecoaster hub for smooth performance.
  • It has a unique splatter design.

However, there are a couple of drawbacks to consider.

  • It’s a tad pricey.
  • The hi-tensile steel rear end and single wall rims are less durable, slightly compromising overall quality.

Final Thoughts

Reflecting on all the features and specifications, I firmly believe that the 2023 Fiend Embryo Type B BMX is a solid choice for any intermediate level rider, despite its few drawbacks.


  • Smooth performance due to freecoaster hub
  • Durable and lightweight frame
  • Unique design


  • Higher price point
  • Use of some lower-end parts

Frequently Asked Questions

What Warranties or Guarantees Does Fiend Offer for the Embryo Type B Bike?”

I’m not certain about the specific warranties Fiend offers for the Embryo Type B bike. It’s crucial to contact the manufacturer or the retailer for accurate warranty information. Always verify to protect your investment.

Are There Any Specific Maintenance Requirements or Tips for the Fiend Embryo Type B?”

Sure, the Fiend Embryo Type B needs regular chain checks and tire pressure monitoring. Always keep it clean and store it properly. Lubricate the moving parts occasionally, and always check brakes for optimal performance.

Does the Fiend Embryo Type B Come Pre-Assembled or Will I Need to Assemble It Myself?”

I’m not certain about the 2023 model, but typically, BMX bikes like the Fiend Embryo Type B come partially assembled. You’ll likely need to attach the front wheel, handlebars, and pedals yourself.

Is the Fiend Embryo Type B Suitable for a Particular Style of BMX Riding, Such as Park, Dirt, or Street?”

Yes, the Fiend Embryo Type B’s versatile design suits various BMX styles. Its lightweight chromoly frame and freecoaster hub make it ideal for park and street riding, while its robust construction handles dirt well.

Are There Any Upgrade Options or Additional Accessories Available for the Fiend Embryo Type B?”

I’m not aware of specific upgrade options or accessories for the Fiend Embryo Type B. However, its customizable nature allows for potential enhancements. It’s best to consult with a specialist for personalized modifications.

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